No-cook Cookbook


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For all of us going through our day, cooking is another chore altogether. Sometimes, we run out of ideas. Sometimes, we have no energy. Sometimes, we want the easy way out and end up buying food from outside. But, most of the time, we are prepared to dedicate a small time for cooking — at least 10 to 20 minutes per day.

The Living Sattva Cookbook Series is written for people of all ages. Beginning August 2017, new books will be released periodically. Each book in the series will have 20 recipes. They are created with busy people in mind. Almost all of the ingredients will be available in local Indian/Asian/Oriental stores or in your local supermarket.

The first book in the series is a no-cook vegan cookbook. I am excited to share the book cover with you all! For more information on this cookbook series, please subscribe to our free weekly newsletter here.